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Statistics Calculator is an indispensable tool for report writers
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There are a lot of statistical data around us. Statistic is a huge science. If you do not have enough time to master this science, but you need to use some stats in your work Statistics Calculator can help you. You can get the result without analyzing tons of raw data, you just need to select a test and fill in a form. In the main window of the program there is a menu with the list of statistical tests and tools. There are about 30 statistical tests divided into categories. After selecting the relevant item a special form will appear. Enter your data and click the "calculate" button and you will get your result. If you have trouble with something you can use built-in or online help. For each test there is a topic with description of its work and example. Despite the awful design program is working correctly and fast. The main disadvantage of this program is unavailability to save the results to disk. The Statistics Calculator is a necessary tool for anyone working with a lot of raw data. The use of the software is simple and handy.

Dmitry Neganov
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  • Good set of statistical functions
  • Easy to use


  • Poor design
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